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Thursday, 06 August 2020

The Haitian Stock Exchange strongly believes that personal and aggregate wealth, micro and macro-economic development and growth can best be fostered and created in an atmosphere of generalized liquidity, enlightened entrepreneurship and adequate access to capital, all subject to an uncompromising application of regulatory requirements.

For many years individuals and institutions alike have considered the cure to the problems of economic underdevelopment in terms of massive grants, foreign aids, subventions, and other forms of exogenous capital assistances to the underdeveloped countries.
  Today despite such transfers totaling many billions of dollars from the industrialized nations to the less developed nations, the economic impact of those inflows has fallen far short of expectations.

  The Haitian Stock Exchange proposes to prospect, incite, recruit, and mobilize local capital as it endeavors to:
  • Develop a securities market in Haiti
  • Organize primary and secondary markets for fixed income and stocks in the Republic of Haiti
  • Train , recruit the personnel , create the alliances necessary to support the operation of a securities market in Haiti
  • Conceive the regulatory requirements for listing and for affiliation with the Haitian Stock Market
  • Work on securing listing on the US markets, for Haitian companies listed on the Haitian market
  • Develop the alliances necessary for clearing, settlement and fiduciary services
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