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Mr. William Savary,  graduated from the New School for Social Research with two Masters Degree, one in Political Science, and one in Political Economy.  He has also completed all the course requirements toward a Ph.D. in Political Economy. Mr. Savary's experience in the securities industry dates from 1983. He has worked for  major brokerage firms on Wall Street, in New York. He has been the CEO of Global Trading Group, Inc since 1999. Global Trading Group, Inc.  is an  investment banking company in the  USA. The  firm is registered  with:

  • U.S .The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Financial Industry  Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • The Municipal Securities RuleMaking Board (MSRB)

Mr. Savary holds the following licenses from the United States Self regulatory organizations.

  • Series 3 - Commodities / Futures Trader
  • Series 4 - Options Principal
  • Seriels 7 - General Securities Representative
  • Series 24- General Securities Principal
  • Series 53- Municipal Securities Principal
  • Series 63- Uniform Security License

Mr. Karl Couba has been a registered member of the Port au Prince Bar Association

Since 1962. A business law specialist , he is a corporate finance professional.
He is a registered member of L’Ordre des Comptables Professionnels d’Haiti .
He holds an MBA from Columbia University - New York ( 1970).
He has worked for many years in the financial service sector in both Haiti and the United
States of America.
He has also served as a board member of Banque de L’Union Haitienne, S.A., Banque de
Commerce et Industrie, S.A., SOPHIDES, S.A.
  He has worked for many years in the financial service sector in both Haiti and the United

States of America.

Mr. Jean Marie Vorbe is a very successful entrepreneur.
He is graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in management.
He is the founder and Presdient of SOGED - A general distribution company.
Mr. Vorbe serves as the president of Sogener-an electricity generating company,
and the Acting president of the engineering firm Vorbe & Fils SA
Mr. Roger Lefevre graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in electrical engineering.
He is a principal and the technical director of Sogenaire, a private electric power generating company.
Mr. Lefevre is well respected as surveyor and entrepreneur.
Mr. Fritz Jean graduated from the New School for Social Research with a degree in as the Political, Economy.
Has served as governor of the Central Bank in Haiti.
He is a published writer and is passionate about the work that is required to develop Haiti
Ms. Youri Mevs is an entrepreneur and a journalist. She is the CEO of SHODECOSA.
She is one of the founders and the Win Group a Caribbean.;
Ms Mevs is also very active in philanthropic activities.
She is the founder of the Haitian Economic Development Foundation
an NGO whose mission is to encourage sustainable economic development projects in Haiti.
Mr. Gregory Mevs is an entrepreneur in Haiti and the CEO of the Win Group a company involved in the development of tax free zone in the Caribbean.
Mr. Mevs serves as the honorary consul for the Republic of Finland .
He is  one of the founders of the Bernard Mevs foundation,
an NGO responsible for the delivery of health care in Cite Soleil a very deprived area in Port au Prince Haiti.
Mr. Oswald Brant is an entrepreneur- His portfolio of activities include banking, factoring, retails  and manufacturing.
Mr. Gregory Mayard Paul  is  a lawyer  with a strong  background in  business law. For the last twenty years has been private practice.
He is a registered member of the Port au Prince Bar Association.
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